Welcome to UK PowerTech Ltd

UK PowerTech Ltd has been involved in the industrial battery industry for over 25 years supplying solutions and products for all aspects of battery uses, from traction to stationary applications. We work with the best companies and technicians in Europe to develop our knowledge and expertise in both manufacturing and technical skills as well the use of up-to-date materials and manufacturing techniques.

We work collectively with top suppliers in the industry to give the best solutions and have a reputation for:

Our Key Areas

  • Traction and stationary battery connectors.
  • Charging/ Formation connectors for industrial and automotive battery manufacturers.
  • Stockists for battery accessories for forklift trucks.
  • Global procurement and sourcing of battery components.

Charging Connector Solutions

UK Powertech Ltd has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in both the UK and internationally to enable them to keep abreast with the development of new materials, manufacturing processes and sources of supply which maintains their position as leaders in the battery industry.

Our major area of product development over the past 10 years has been connectors for linking batteries together for charging in the formation areas of battery production. Time, effort and safety are now crucial to this sector of manufacturing and battery connectors supplied by UK Powertech excel in all areas.

Our Suppliers

We work with the industries top suppliers

  • Rema
  • Hagemann
  • Abertax
  • bfs
  • Flow-Rite
  • frotek