Purerflow Water Deioniser

Create your own deionised water with our Purerflow Water Deioniser. Our Purerflow Water Deioniser removes the harmful elements from tap water which can be detrimental to the life of a lead acid battery. Manufactured by ourselves in the UK, the Purerflow Water Deioniser produces up to 3000 litres of zero TDS water per cartridge depending on the input water quality.

Each Purerflow Water Deioniser houses it’s own very accurate Part Per Million monitor which  flashes green while the output water is within the permitted level of 50ppm. This LED PPM monitor is battery operated, therefore, there is no need for any mains connection. When the cartridge is extinguished the green flashing LED changes to red, showing that the cartridge needs changing.

Our Twin Purerflow Water Deioniser System allows you to change a cartridge while using the other to allow for continuous deionised water production.

Replacement cartridges come with extra male nipples which allows you to prepare the cartridge for immediate assembly, reducing mess and saving time by eliminating the need to remove parts from the old cartridge before you can connect the new one.

Note – Our ppm monitor can be calibrated to any specified value.

Pureflow Water Deioniser
Pureflow Deioniser Cartridge
Pureflow Twin Water Deioniser